Thousands of devotees and followers from across India and even abroad will be attending the urs.

Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini, Sajjada Nasheen of the darga, said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will inaugurate the All-India Industrial Exhibition at the Khaja Bazar on September 21, Friday, at 4.50pm. Former chief minister Dharam Singh, ministers Qamar-ul-Islam and Dr Sharanprakash Patil will be the guests.

Dr Hussaini said that the event of confering of Khilafat, asufi ceremony, on his two sons Sayed Ali Hussaini and Sayed Mustafa Hussaini will be held on September 23 at the darga premises at 11:00am. Dr Hussaini disclosed that he has decided to nominate his eldest son Syed Ali Hussaini as his successor and he will become the Sajjada Nasheen of thedarga.


  • On 22nd Sept (SUNDAY), Sandal Shareef
  • On 23nd Sept (Monday), Mehfil-E-Chiraghan
  • On 24th Sept (Tuesday), Mehfil-E-Qul

The three day programmes include: on September 21 a seminar at 11:00 am, on September 22 namaz-e-asar at 4.50pm, qawwali at 5pm, sandal procession from Mehboob Gulshan at 5.45 pm, qawwali at 8.30 pm, arrival of sandal procession to darga at 10.30 pm, fatiha baais khajagan at 1AM, sandal mali on the shrine at 1.30am, and band sama at 3.30am. On September 23 khilafat ceremony will be held at 11am and qawwali at 10:00pm; on September 24 at 5:00pm khatm-i-Quran and qasidah burdah shareef, and at 11 pm qawwali.

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