Gulbarga votes 57 pc

Polling in the Gulbarga Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday was by and large peaceful. The polling percentage in the constituency is 57.90 per cent. The polling percentage of 49.19% recorded during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

In Assembly segments

The final voter turnout in the Assembly segments of the constituency are as follows:

Afzalpur 56.89%,  Jevargi 61.39%, Gurmitl 57.35%,  Chittapur 59.32%,  Sedam 66.14%, Gulbarga Rural 57.05%,  Gulbarga Dakshin 54.80%, and Gulbarga Uttarm52.08%.

As usual, more people in rural areas voted compared with their counterparts in urban areas. In rural areas, men and women exercised their franchise in equal numbers as also first-time voters.

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