About HKE Society: Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society – the prestigious educational institute of Karnataka was established in 1958 by Late Shri. Mahadevappa Rampure to cater to the needs of higher education, especially the medical, engineering pharmacy, law, education, commerce, arts, science and other technical skilled fields. The society in the process of imparting higher education in the backward region of the state has made its impact on the socio-cultural, politico –economic advancement of the region. The Hyderabad – Karnataka area is comprised of Gulbarga, Bidar and Raichur districts. Multifaceted development programmes are implemented from time to time. Inspired by democratic values.


HKES Elections Gulbarga


Elections to the post of president, vice-president and the members of the managing council of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society was held on 18th March 2012.The polling for voters in Gulbarga held at PDA College of Engineering in the city, for Bidar at BVB Degree College in Bidar city and for Raichur at SLN Engineering College.

Outgoing president Shashil G. Namoshi, vice-president Suryakant Patil, the former president Basavarajappa Appa and journalist Kranti Kumar are in the race for the post of president. While Mr. Namoshi, Dr. Patil and Mr. Appa have put up their own panels for the post of vice-president and 13 members of the managing council and Mr. Kumar is fighting a lone battle. He has also filed nomination papers for the post of managing council member.

There are 1,825 voters in the society. Of them, 1,600 are in Gulbarga district, and the rest in Bidar and Raichur. Total of 1733 members of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society (HKES) voted in the polls held in Gulbarga(1556), Raichur(94) and Bidar(83) on 18th March

HKES Election results 2012

  • Mr Shashil Namoshi re-elected as the president of Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society.
  • Mr Baburao Mangane of Namoshi panel has been elected as vice president of the HKE society.

Shashil Namoshi’s panel has got a clear majority in the governing council of the HKE Society.

Out of the 13 members elected eight belong to Namoshi panel while five belong to Suyakant Patil panel.

The successful eight members of the Namoshi panel are:

  1. Shivraj Nigudgi-729 votes,
  2. Sampat Kumar Loya-543
  3. Vijaykumar Deshmukh-608
  4. Gangadhar Yeli (Raichur)-543
  5. N D Patil- 606
  6. Sharad Rampure-708
  7. Subhash Bijapur-567 and
  8. SanjivPatil- 609

The five members elected from the Suryakant Patil panel are:

  1. Bhimashankar Bilgundi-585,
  2. Basavaraj Yavshetty-494,
  3. RS Hosagouder- 528,
  4. Shivanand Mankar-601, and
  5. Raja Bhimalli-901.

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